The Eponymous Founder…

Zirkonia…of our firm, Viktor Kämmerling, began to cut gemstones as early as 1900 and founded his company in 1908.
At the time, they were cutting mostly amethysts and citrines. Soon, however, production expanded to other gemstones, including synthetic stones and lab-grown materials.
Through continuous development and innovative modernisation of equipment and work procedures, design and cutting technique were improved, even in advanced high-tec so that today almost all customer requests can be satisfied.
Over many years we have built up and cultivated relationships with mine owners and dealers in the countries of origin, also to all crystal-growers around the world, allowing us to respond quickly and easily to the various requirements of the market, and to obtain and work on particular and unusual gemstones at short notice.

The secret of a gemstone's impact lies in the perfection of its polish as well as the quality of the rough stone.
Traditional craftsmanship in all working procedures, carried out by master craftsmen, combined with the most modern and efficient machines and working techniques, guarantee first class work and a service that leaves nothing to be desired. Obviously, we can carry out traditional cutting as well as custom designs.